Community sentences and orders statistics

Community sentences and orders snapshot

Quarterly statistics on sentences and orders being served in the community, and the offender population:

Community sentences and orders throughput

Community sentence and order throughput data can be viewed, filtered and downloaded from the Statistics New Zealand website:

  1. Annual community sentence throughout:
    1. The number of community sentences started each year. If a person starts two sentences of the same type on the same day, they will only be counted as one.
      1. Community Detention
      2. Community Service
      3. Community Work
      4. Home Detention
      5. Intensive Supervision
      6. Period Detention
      7. Supervision
  2. Annual post-prison order throughput:
    1. The number of orders started each year:
      1. Extended Supervision
      2. Home Detention
      3. Parole
      4. Released on Conditions
      5. Post Detention Condition
      6. Returning Offender Order
  1. Annual completed community work offender population:
    1. The number of Community Work sentences successfully completed each year.

Data can be broken down by Lead offence, Gender, Ethnicity, Imposed length, Age group.