Escapes from New Zealand prisons have fallen to an all-time low and have remained relatively consistent over recent years.  All offenders who have escaped during the last decade have been recaptured and returned to custodial control.

Despite our success in reducing the number of escapes, we are continually striving to improve upon our high standard of prisoner management.  We have invested in a range of security improvements to sites across the country during the last decade, including enhanced perimeter fencing, installation of detention and surveillance systems, and the introduction of single point-of-entry into prisons.

Types of escape:

  • Breakout - prisoner has left the area contained by the outermost perimeter security fence or, if there is no such fence, from the prison building
  • From escort - prisoner escaped from escort while under supervision, including from escorted outings and court escorts
  • Breach of temporary release order - prisoner breached a condition of their temporary release, including failing to return within reasonable time without reasonable cause
  • Absconding - prisoner has left a designated area and is away from direct custodial control, including walking away from work parties.

Data set for escapes- national and by prison

Download escapes data: