Government Priorities

Together, the Department's two outcomes of 'Protecting the Public' and 'Reducing Re-offending' – and its contribution to the wider justice sector outcomes - contribute to the Government's vision and priorities for the next decade.

The Government's vision is for an inclusive New Zealand where all people enjoy opportunity to fulfil their potential, prosper and participate in the social, economic, political and cultural life of their communities and nation.

The Government's priorities for the next decade are:

  • Economic transformation
    • Working to progress our economic transformation to a high-income, knowledge-based market economy, which is both innovative and creative and provides a unique quality of life to all New Zealanders.
  • Families – young and old
    • All families, young and old, have the support and choices they need to be secure and be able to reach their full potential within our knowledge-based economy.
  • National identity
    • All New Zealanders to be able to take pride in who and what we are, through our arts, culture, film, sports and music, our appreciation of our natural environment, our understanding of our history and our stance on international issues.