The Departments Outcomes

The Department's two outcomes are 'Protecting the Public' and 'Reducing Re-offending'.

The Department contributes to 'protecting the public' by:

  • providing a safe environment for staff and the public
  • managing offenders in a safe, secure and humane manner
  • ensuring appropriate compliance with, and administration of, sentences and orders
  • providing information to the judiciary to inform the sentencing process and release conditions
  • supporting reparation to the community.

The Department contributes to 'reducing re-offending' through changing offending behaviour by providing targeted rehabilitative and reintegrative initiatives, including education, work experience and skills.

To do this, the Department supplies:

  • a risk and needs assessment for each offender to determine how best to address their offending behaviour
  • programmes to encourage offenders to address their offending behaviour
  • programmes to address offenders' offence-related needs
  • education, training and work experience to assist offenders to secure employment on release
  • assistance with accessing community services.