Volume 4 Issue 2: December 2016

Editorial - Changing practice; changing lives - Nova Banaghan

The Department of Corrections’ tikanga-based programmes - Neil Campbell

Innovations in reducing re-offending - Juanita Ryan, Robert Jones

The Sentenced Prisoner Population 1980-2016: The link between policy changes and growth - Wayne Goodall

Trauma hiding in plain view: the case for trauma informed practice in women’s prisons - Hannah McGlue

Cross-agency plan to deliver world leading interventions for people who use violence within their family - Zoey Henley

Towards an understanding of female family violence perpetrators: A study of women in prison - Marianne Bevan, Ella Lynch and Dr Bronwyn Morrison

Evidence-based principles for prison-based alcohol and drug treatment - Dr Jillian Mullen

State of mind: mental health services in New Zealand prisons - Kate Frame-Reid and Joshua Thurston

Supporting offenders into employment – a joint initiative - Marama Edwards and Stephen Cunningham

Guided Release: A graduated pathway enabling safe and successful reintegration for long-serving prisoners - Anita Edmonds

Aukaha te Waka – the Future of Probation 2016 – 2021 - Brent Reilly

An exploratory analysis into the mortality of offenders - Ong Su-Wuen, Ella Lynch

Building relationships to improve outcomes for youth in Corrections - Dr Ashley Shearer

Book Review: What Works in Crime Prevention and Rehabilitation - Kahurangi Graham

Book Review: Environmental corrections: A new paradigm for supervising offenders in the community - Dr Peter Johnston

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