Volume 6 Issue 1: July 2018


Intervention and Support Project

Development of Mental Health and Reintegration Services in the New Zealand Department of Corrections

Evaluation of the Improved Mental Health service

Evaluation of the counsellors and social workers services

Pursuing consistency: multiple sites; one drug treatment approach

Early intervention and support: Corrections' Methamphetamine Pilot

Alcohol and other drug testing trial of community-based offenders

Employment needs post-prison: A gendered analysis of expectations, outcomes and service effectiveness

Extending the reach of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, Aotearoa New Zealand Hillary Award for youth in Corrections

Women offenders: Another look at the evidence

A brief history of Te Tirohanga units

“I know our people”: Exploring community approaches to gang member reintegration II

Effective rehabilitation through evidence-based corrections

The parachute problem

Where New Zealand stands internationally: A comparison of offence profiles and recidivism rates

Enhancements transform Office of the Inspectorate

The journey to achieve a safer and healthier workplace

Performance on the Physical Readiness Assessment

Across the Tasman: A reflective practice journey

Practice note: Identifying and managing the effects of traumatic brain injury

World Congress on Probation: Report from the Chief Probation Officer

Book Review: Parental Incarceration and the Family: Psychological and Social Effects of Imprisonment on Children, Parents, and Caregivers

Book Review: Dress Behind Bars: Prison Clothing as Criminality