Volume 6 Issue 2: November 2018

Download Practice: The New Zealand Corrections Journal Volume 6 Issue 2 PDF, 2.1 MB

Editorial - Dr Juanita Ryan

Expanding Residential Community Care and Services: A policy option for New Zealand? - Shaun Goldfinch

Creating Positive Pathways: A long-term housing initiative for people released from prison - Helen Johnston

The effectiveness of Corrections' rehabilitation interventions with Māori - Dr Peter Johnston

Are psychologists meeting the needs of Māori? A perspective from Psychological Services - Bronwyn Castell, Glen Kilgour and Armon Tamatea

Aotearoa New Zealand cultural interventions: Current issues and potential avenues - Annalisa Hughes

Te Ara Tauwhaiti - Kaupapa Māori supervision pathway for programme facilitators - Ana Ngamoki

The development of the Kimihia Violence Prevention programme: An offence focused programme for women with high and complex needs - Emma Appleyard

Kia Rite: Evaluation of a new behavioural skills programme for women - Dr Bronwyn Morrison, Marianne Bevan and Lucy King

Development and implementation of trauma-informed training for women's corrections facilities in Aotearoa New Zealand - Kirsty Dempster-Rivett

Introducing practice tools for working distinctively with women - Clare Ingram

"For me it was normal": Some initial findings from the family violence perpetrator study - Dr Bronwyn Morrison and Marianne Bevan

Inter-agency alignment of family violence programmes - Victoria Nicholson

Inside probation officer contacts: A summary of an analysis of recorded probation - Darius Fagan

My Mahi - the Community Work App - Kate Frame-Reid

Supporting Offenders into Employment - Rachel Lishman

Employability Skills Framework - improving the work preparedness of people with criminal convictions - Amy McElroy

Risky business: Evaluating the Dynamic Risk Assessment for Offender Re-entry for use with New Zealand youth - Jonathan Muirhead, Dr Clare-Ann Fortune and Professor Devon Polaschek

Drawing on collective strengths to improve outcomes for youth in Corrections' youth units - Ashley Shearar

Evaluation of brief methamphetamine-focused interventions - Jill Bowman

Practice note: Ara Poutama Practice Framework - our guide to integrated prison practice - Nova Banaghan

Book review: Offending and Desistance - Beth Weaver, Reviewed by Peter Johnston

Book review: The End of Policing - Alex S. Vitale, Reviewed by John Locker