Visible Leadership

Whether you are already a leader at Corrections, or aspire to be, we all have a role to play in leading by example and demonstrating the professionalism and commitment that is intrinsic to working at Corrections.

What you will help achieve:

  • A relentless focus on lifting our response to Health and Safety as we seek to be a recognised leader in this field.
  • Mobilising of our effort and resources to support the achievement of the justice sector and wider Better Public Services' targets.
  • Introduction of results based contracts with our non government organisation partners where it makes sense to do so.
  • Joined -up responses with the NZ Police to address gang activity.
  • Investment in our staff through our new Frontline Futures initiative will make internal recruitment, moving between frontline roles and developing as a leader easier.
  • Embedding of our emerging leaders programme across the country ensuring talent is recognised and given opportunity to thrive.

“Never underestimate the impact we can have.”

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