RR25 Reducing Re-offending - Year one

Our Vision

To create lasting change by breaking the cycle of re-offending.

Our Goal

To reduce re-offending by 25% by 2017.

Public safety is our bottom line.

Creating Lasting Change

Most of us have a strong opinion on crime, and even stronger views on the best way to manage the people who commit those crimes.

Opinions can range from the ‘lock ‘em up and throw away the key’ variety to those with firm beliefs in the power of rehabilitation, but no matter where you sit on the spectrum, one thing remains constant  - the need for us to act now to bring down the levels of re-offending in New Zealand. In the following pages you will find out what the Department of Corrections plans to do over the next 12 months to reduce re-offending.

In 2011 we launched our first strategic plan focused on creating lasting change. Since then, Corrections has undergone significant changes to tackle re-offending head on.

We have brought our organisation together as one team with a shared vision and goal that still resonates four years on. We have shown that we can transform the way we operate to create lasting change in people’s lives and break the cycle of re-offending. In the year ahead we will continue to change and adapt as we strive to change people’s lives for the better and stop more people becoming victims of crime.

For the next three years we’re placing Reducing Re-offending by 25% at the front and centre of our collective effort. We’ve reshaped our four key priorities to better reflect where our investment in time and resources will go over the next three years – Community Support, Working Prisons, Modern Infrastructure and Visible Leadership.

In 2015 Corrections will mark 20 years as a government department. As one of New Zealand’s important public institutions let’s celebrate by delivering even more value as we strive to achieve the next level in reducing re-offending.

Download full RR25 Reducing Re-offending - Year one (PDF, 1.7MB)