Modern Infrastructure

We have already seen how safety can be enhanced through technology and many of our sites have already benefited from recent upgrades. Further improvements will ensure we continue to operate within a modern infrastructure.

What you will help achieve:

  • Auckland South Corrections Facility (ASCF) will open in May 2015, our newest prison designed and operated to reduce re-offending under a Public Private Partnership with Securefuture consortium.
  • 3M will take over the delivery of electronic monitoring of offenders, offering enhanced technology and services that will lift our capability in managing public safety.
  • Frontline Community Corrections staff will receive smartphones (Samsung Galaxy 55), with built-in security and safety features, that will improve their mobility.
  • On-body cameras will be introduced for all prison staff working in higher risk areas to enhance staff safety.
  • 12 more Community Corrections centres will be lifted to a modern standard, supporting rehabilitation and staff safety.
  • $140m will be invested in lifting the standard of our prisons in 2014/15 to support the
    long term security, rehabilitation and safety needs of our core infrastructure.
  • Delivering online learning in prisons, new prisoner kiosks and a new Psych IOMS platform for our psychologists will be three major deliverables that lift our technology response.

“It’s that breakthrough moment, when people genuinely regret what they've done."

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