Community Support

Community support must be flexible enough to suit the complex and differing needs of offenders who may range from the first-time offender with a short community sentence to the high-risk offender just released from prison.

Whether its churches, iwi groups, volunteer bodies or informed consumers buying products made by offenders, there is considerable scope to foster more community support for ex-offenders.

What you will help achieve:

  • More supported accommodation available for offenders on transition from prison to the community.
  • More real jobs on release from prison guaranteed through our industry/employer partnership programme.
  • A boost to the delivery of alcohol and drug treatment in the community.
  • Growth in our work and living skills delivery for offenders on community work, particularly targeting road safety.
  • An extension of our Out of Gate service to include families and children of prisoners.
  • New family violence programmes  that better target offending behaviour.

“My town looks good, the schools, marae, parks - and that’s our work."

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