Working Prisons

Working prisons are based on a structured environment where all prisoners take part in some form of work, education or rehabilitation programme. They also provide people with the skills and opportunities they need to take greater control of their life.

What you will help achieve:

  • Four more prisons will achieve working prison status in 2015 as we plan to move all prisons to be places of industry, learning and treatment by 2017.
  • A more unified delivery of custodial, rehabilitation and employment services in prisons and clearer accountability for results.
  • Better scheduling of interventions for prisons leading to increased participation rates in rehabilitation and employment.
  • A new prisoner placement system, to replace the existing security classification system, which better balances risk and opportunity.
  • Changes to prison industries  that seek to optimise the opportunities we create for employment and training, while reducing our risk exposure to market pricing variables.

"You wear a lot of caps in one day."

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