Risk Assessment/Management Framework

The Department of Corrections identifies strategic challenges by analysing the environment in which it operates. This includes monitoring demographic projections, international and national trends, gauging public and political perceptions, and monitoring and analysing its own data on a number of critical indicators.

The Department also uses a formal risk management framework to identify and proactively mitigate risks. This framework is based on the Australian/New Zealand AS/NZ 4360:2004 Risk Management standard.

The Department’s internal control framework is based on the Committee of Sponsoring Organisations model and employs a number of separate assurance mechanisms, including the Internal Audit and Corrections Inspectorate functions plus a Professional Standards Unit, that independently review processes within the operational services and investigate incidents and complaints.

Internal Control and Risk Management frameworks are overseen by an Assurance Board of seven members, including the Chief Executive and four external members who are independent of management. The Assurance Board is chaired by an external member and will report back on its activities in the Department’s Annual Report.