The Justice Sector

The Justice Sector provides accessible justice, and encourages a safe and just society where people enjoy civil and democratic rights. To do this, a wide range of agencies are involved in providing services within the civil and criminal justice system. Justice Sector Ministers and agencies work together to achieve the best outcomes.

The Justice Sector aims to achieve a 20% reduction in the overall crime rate by 2018, as part of a series of Better Public Services goals that include reducing violent crime by 20%, youth crime by 25%, and re-offending by 25%.

A Sector Leadership Board drives performance across the justice system. This Board coordinates, plans, and modernises activities throughout the sector, working to reduce costs, improve services, and further enhance public safety. The Board is chaired by the Secretary for Justice and comprises the Chief Executives of the Ministry of Justice and Department of Corrections, as well as the Commissioner of Police.

Sector priorities

The overall outcome for the Justice Sector is to provide a safe and just society. This outcome is supported by the following five shared priority areas, which guide planning and activity across the sector:

  1. Reduce the harm caused by crime
  2. Reduce the volume of crime
  3. Maintain strong institutions
  4. Improve services
  5. Manage investment.


The sector reports performance quarterly across three Key Performance Indicators:

  • The number of people entering the criminal justice system
  • The time it takes for cases to proceed through the court system
  • The rate of re-offending.

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