Better public value

WE WILL modernise the way we deliver services by:

  • Investing in the use of telecommunications to more effectively ensure that offenders meet their obligations.
  • Increasing flexibility through the use of technology to enable probation staff to become more mobile in the way they work with offenders in the community.
  • Enhancing IOMS (our core operating system) to support all Corrections staff to work more effectively within their respective practice frameworks, processes and systems.
  • Maximising our ability to use new technologies to track and manage high-risk offenders on community sentences and orders.
  • Seeking opportunities to more actively engage the services of community agencies, iwi and non government organisations (NGOs) in the delivery of community work.
  • Updating our probation service centre footprint and designs to match our evolving ways of working with offenders in the community.
  • Identifying the long-term strategy for the optimal prison configuration to support reducing re-offending and public safety outcomes.

WE WILL produce operational savings every year for the next four years by:

  • Completing a rolling value for money review, searching for operating efficiency led by key internal and external personnel.
  • Developing a 10 to 20 year approach to our capital expenditure planning, prioritising every investment to meet future demand for our services, reducing the need for additional finance.
  • Seeking opportunities across the justice sector to share support services where overall costs can be reduced.
  • Reviewing line by line all rehabilitation programme expenditure and shifting our investment to the activities that generate the best outcomes.
  • Producing more value for money from the portfolio of CIE business we operate, re-investing the gains in reducing re-offending.
  • Demanding more service for every taxpayer dollar we spend with the commercial partners we have outsourced work to.