WE WILL partner with others to achieve better outcomes for communities and offenders by:

  • Working more effectively with Police to improve our joint strategies for managing high-risk offenders.
  • Intensifying our work with health services to ensure offenders are managed effectively when they present with long-term illnesses and significant mental health concerns.
  • Improving information sharing with Child Youth and Family, integrating our efforts to reduce offending among young people.
  • Integrating our leadership efforts regionally to provide a “One Team” approach for members of our community when they work with the Department of Corrections.
  • Actively engaging with non government organisations (NGOs) who are able to provide support services and treatment services for at-risk offenders.
  • Improving the support we provide to the New Zealand Parole Board and the information they have available to make decisions about high-risk prisoners.
  • More effectively engaging with victim support networks to improve communication about our management of prisoners and offenders in the community.
  • Proactively engaging with iwi/ Maori leadership in the search for solutions for Maori offenders.

WE WILL prioritise the professional development and safety of our frontline staff by:

  • Sponsoring an emerging leaders’ group of 20 staff each year whose development is fast tracked.
  • Ensuring every frontline staff member is able to participate in training that increases their knowledge, confidence and performance on the job.
  • Delivering a training curriculum with a common induction component that provides a roadmap of continuous development and learning for all Corrections staff.
  • Reinforcing a consistent approach to staff safety, and continuously improving our ways of working safely with offenders.
  • Addressing the needs of our Christchurch-based staff, building on initiatives like “Give Your Mates a Day” and our Christchurch staff welfare plan.
  • Rewarding effort and achievement and celebrating the outcomes we achieve.
  • Delivering additional Amohia Ai development programmes each year for Maori staff members across the Department who are displaying leadership potential.
  • Introducing a new uniform for our Corrections Officers that lifts the professional presentation of our staff.