Visible leadership


strengthen the engagement and safety of our staff by:

  • Developing a comprehensive and internationally benchmarked staff safety action plan focusing on safer work practices, training and equipment.
  • Expanding the use of pepper spray in prisons as an accessible option for controlled and planned responses.
  • Delivering tactical exit training for all offender-facing staff, lifting our skills and confidence to respond in threatening situations.
  • Establishing national and local frontline staff fora to consult and involve our people in plans and policies that affect them.
  • Introducing initiatives that improve the health and wellbeing of our staff in response to the results of health monitoring conducted over the last year.
  • Establishing a national management development programme to support managers to grow in their roles and to strengthen their engagement with staff.


unify our effort to reduce re-offending by:

  • Ensuring that our new national and regional structures are operating fully, and that Corrections has a strong and visible regional presence.
  • Sponsoring four regional emerging leaders teams to provide fast tracked development for frontline staff to become future regional leaders.
  • Introducing Corrections work-wear options for frontline and support staff, who currently are not provided with a uniform.
  • Engaging with staff and stakeholders to publish district plans to reduce re-offending.
  • Growing the professional leadership roles of the Chief Psychologist, Chief Probation Officer and Chief Custodial Officer to
    drive system-wide practice development.
  • Delivering training every frontline staff member is able to participate in that increases their knowledge, confidence and performance on the job.