This Statement of Intent sets out the overall direction of the Department of Corrections for the period 1 July 2006 to 30 June 2007.

Part 1, Strategic Direction, summarises the Government’s vision and priorities for the next decade and provides an overview of the justice sector and justice sector outcomes, and the linkages between these outcomes and the Government's priorities, as the setting for the Department's strategic direction, medium-term focus and key priorities and initiatives for 2006/07. These key priorities are those agreed with the Minister of Corrections.

Part 2 provides more detailed context for the Department’s strategic direction. It covers the purpose and principles guiding the corrections system, the approach to managing offenders, and the environment and issues that impact upon the justice sector as a whole and the Department’s operations. Also covered are: the Department’s approach to measuring outcomes; its strategies to mitigate against identified risk areas; its approach to capability issues; a summary of the Department's sustainable development framework; and how the Department collaborates with other agencies (including the justice sector,) to achieve common aims.

Part 3 contains the Department’s forecast financial statements prepared in accordance with section 39 of the Public Finance Act 1989. Included in these are detailed descriptions of the outputs that will be delivered during 2006/07, the performance measures and standards associated with these outputs, and statements setting out the Department’s operating costs and expected financial position.