Information Technology

The Department has information technology and knowledge management strategies that guide the management of technology and information within the Department. The Department’s IT direction is also influenced by the wider E-govt and Justice Sector Information Strategies.

The implementation of the Department’s strategies seeks to optimise efficiency and effectiveness of systems, decision support, business processes, and provision of information.

The Department will continue to improve the information systems that support good decision making. This will sit alongside continual maintenance of facilities to ensure that the Department can meet demands for its services.

Over recent years, the Department has continued to develop the Integrated Offender Management System (IOMS) to ensure that the Department’s business unit operations are supported. This system is currently being upgraded to .Net technology, which provides the ability to quickly build, deploy, manage, and use connected, security-enhanced solutions with Web services.

An internal Electronic Document and Record Management System (EDRMS) is also being implemented progressively as well as continual development of the Department’s information assets.

Information Technology is an integral part of the Department’s business – therefore, projects with a high Information Technology component are listed under the Outcomes on pages 11–21.

Specific projects that the Department will work on over the medium term to contribute towards information technology include:

  • developing IOMS in accordance with the recommendations of the IOMS Review and the Information Technology Operational Strategy 2008–13, to ensure that the Department’s business requirements, as well as wider justice sector information requirements, are supported
  • supporting the implementation of Year 3 of the new Justice Sector Information Strategy, with a focus on the quality of information, across the justice sector
  • supporting E-Government initiatives.