Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is about actions that maintain and mutually reinforce economic, environmental, cultural and social conditions. The Department supports the Government in recognising that New Zealand’s future prosperity depends on long-term sustainable strategies for the economy, society, environment, culture and our way of life.

Delivery of the Department’s core services contributes primarily to social and cultural sustainability. Examples include the rehabilitation programmes for offenders, units that focus on specific cultural needs and initiatives that build staff capability. In order to progress its overall contribution to sustainability, the Department will focus specific initiatives on addressing environmental and economic sustainability.

The Department aligns its sustainability activity to the goals of the Ministry for the Environment’s Govt3 programme. This programme focuses on the four main areas where government impacts on the environment; waste, building, transport and procurement.

As part of its involvement in the Govt3 programme, the Department will annually update and deliver on its Sustainable Action Plan.