Financial summary

The following financial highlights for the Department of Corrections present a performance forecast for the year ending 30 June 2014.

In 2013/14 Corrections expects to earn total income of 1,198.837 million:

  • $1,167.589 million in revenue from the Crown
  • $31.248 million in revenue from other sources.

$1,198.837 million expenses are expected in purchasing services that will be supplied and administered under Corrections’ six2 output classes. Expenditure distribution is intended as follows:

  • $753.380 million (62.84 percent of the vote) for the provision of custodial services for offenders lawfully required to be detained in custody. This includes remand prisoners (people awaiting trial, and offenders convicted but not yet sentenced), those offenders sentenced to imprisonment, and any other offender required to be lawfully detained in custody.
  • $206.065 million (17.19 percent of the Vote) for the management and delivery of sentences and orders served in the community.
  • $170.597 million (14.23 percent of the Vote) for the provision of case management and interventions designed to address the underlying causes of criminal re-offending.
  • $61.844 million (5.16 percent of the Vote) for the provision of information about offenders to victims of crime, the Judiciary and the New Zealand Parole Board, and the provision of administrative, financial and secretariat services to the New Zealand Parole Board.
  • $4.217 million (0.35 percent of the Vote) for the provision of advice (including second opinion advice and contributions to policy advice led by other agencies) to support decision-making by Ministers on Government policy matters.
  • $1.598 million (0.13 percent of the Vote) for preparing for and managing contracts for the provision of services provided by third parties.
  • $1.136 million (0.10 percent of the Vote) for Department responses to ministerial correspondence and parliamentary questions.

Corrections does not expect to collect any Crown revenue in 2013/14.

Corrections manages a Government investment (through taxpayers’ funds) of $2.330 billion.

Further information on Corrections’ performance is located on pages 29-47, including output expenses and the quality, timeliness and quantity of the Corrections’ services.

The financial information presented above consists of forecasts. The actual results achieved for the periods covered are likely to vary from the information presented.

2 The Output classes pertaining to policy advice and the provision of ministerial services are represented as a multi-class output appropriation (MCOA) in the Information Supporting the Estimates – Budget 2013.