The Justice Sector

Collectively, the justice sector aims to provide accessible justice, and encourages a safe and just society where people enjoy civil and democratic rights. To do this, a wide range of agencies are involved in providing services within the complex and interconnected civil and criminal justice system. The following diagram highlights some of the Government agencies involved. Other independent players include the Judiciary, the New Zealand Parole Board, and a range of scientific, technical, and advocacy specialists.

Justice sector Ministers recognise that achieving the best outcomes requires justice sector agencies to work together. To drive an enduring focus across the justice sector the outcomes framework was agreed in 2006/07. The Framework provides an overview for agencies and stakeholders who need to interact with the agencies concerned.

Coordination across the sector is required to ensure resources are used as effectively as possible, and that future policy, investments, and changes to service delivery have the greatest positive impact. To strengthen leadership across the sector, a Sector Leadership Board has been established, comprising the Chief Executives of New Zealand Police, the Ministry of Justice, and Corrections, supported by the new Sector Group at the Ministry of Justice. The Board is responsible for driving performance across the justice system, coordinating the major change programmes underway, and collectively planning to modernise the sector, reduce costs, improve services, and further enhance public safety.

As part of a series of Better Public Services goals, the justice sector is reducing the overall crime rate by 15 percent by 2017. To do this, we will reduce the violent crime rate by 20 percent, reduce the youth crime rate by five percent and reduce the re-offending
rate by 25 percent.

Corrections is working closely with its justice sector partners to contribute to the overall sector performance, and to achieve these goals. Specifically, we are contributing to reducing re-offending by providing new and expanded alcohol and drug treatment, rehabilitation interventions, and education and employment opportunities for offenders in prisons and in the community. We are also delivering enhanced rehabilitation services by probation staff to community-based offenders.

Justice sector outcomes

A safe and just society

Safer communities

Civil and democratic rights and obligations enjoyed

Impact of crime reduced

Offenders held to account

Crime reduced

Trusted justice system

Accessible justice services

Internationally connected

Durable settlement of Treaty claims

Effective constitutional arrangements

Core sector agencies

Ministry of Justice

New Zealand Police

Department of Corrections

Ministry of Social Development
(Child, Youth & Family)

Crown Law Office

Serious Fraud Office

Crown entities and othe agencies

Electoral Commission Electoral Enrolment Centre Human Rights Commission Independent Policy Conduct Authority Agencies in other sectors (including education, health and transport)
Law Commission New Zealand Council of Victim Support Groups Privacy Commissioner Public Trust Communities, Iwi, Local authorities