Corrections Regulations

In general, primary legislation (Acts of Parliament) cover matters of principle and policy. More detailed rules about how Acts are implemented are more often contained in delegated legislation this includes Regulations.

The Corrections Regulations 2005 provide detailed rules to ensure the good management of the corrections system and safe custody of prisoners, in accordance with the Corrections Act 2004.

The Regulations include rules about:

  • the general duties of different corrections staff
  • the release and transport of prisoners
  • prisoner property and finances
  • the security classification of prisoners
  • the placement of prisoners in correctional facilities
  • the segregation of prisoners
  • prisoner treatment and welfare (including health care)
  • visits to prisons
  • use of force, non-lethal weapons and mechanical restraints
  • drug and alcohol testing
  • discipline and order
  • complaints
  • special categories of prisoners.