Regulatory Impact Assessment Strengthening Powers to Withhold Mail

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Section 1: General information


The Department of Corrections (Corrections) is solely responsible for the analysis and advice set out in this Regulatory Impact Assessment, except as otherwise explicitly indicated.

This analysis and advice is an updated version of a Regulatory Impact Analysis developed between June and 15 August 2019, and reflects additional advice that was sought by Ministers following concerns about the release and publication of prisoner mail that should have been withheld by Corrections.

Key Limitations or Constraints on Analysis

Our analysis on the likely impact of these proposals has been constrained by the absence of empirical information about the total volumes of mail that are currently checked and withheld by Corrections on the grounds set out in the Corrections Act 2004 (the Act).

The analysis of additional options identified after 15 August has been limited due to the time constraints involved in getting an updated summary lodged in time for consideration at Social Wellbeing Committee on 28 August.

Responsible Manager

Eamon Coulter
Acting General Manager – Policy
Department of Corrections

Date: 23 August 2019