RIS: Programme conditions for extended supervision orders

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Purpose of document

Decision sought:
The purpose of this regulatory impact statement is to support Cabinet consideration of policy decisions for amendments to extended supervision orders in the Parole Act 2002.
Advising agencies:
Department of Corrections
Proposing Ministers:
Minister of Corrections
Date finalised:
2 August 2023

Problem definition

Following a declaratory judgment by the Hight Court, there are 26 high-risk offenders with complex needs being managed on extended supervision orders (ESO) who have unlawful programme conditions in place as they are residing with the provider instead of having a separate provider for residential and programme conditions. These programme conditions are intended to support the rehabilitation and reintegration of the person safely into society via providing prosocial and purposeful daily activities. As these programme conditions are unlawful Corrections is unable to enforce these conditions which gives rise to significant risks to public safety given the serious nature of these individuals offending history and characteristics.