Regulatory Impact Statement: Corrections Amendment Bill 2018

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Impact Assessment: Enhancing the legislative framework of the Corrections system

Section 1: General information


The Department of Corrections is solely responsible for the analysis and advice set out in this Regulatory Impact Statement, except as otherwise explicitly indicated. This analysis and advice has been produced for the purpose of informing key policy decisions to be taken by Cabinet.

Key limitations or constraints on analysis

Several of the amendments are required because legal clarity is needed or there is a legal risk resulting from the current legislation. The degree of legal risk, and the potential outcome from a successful challenge, is difficult to quantify. Because of this uncertainty, the Department has decided to err on the side of caution when assessing the appropriate option to address the relevant issues.

Other issues identified below are the result of anecdotal evidence rather than verified data. Again, this makes it difficult to assess the size of the issue, and therefore a proportionate response.

Responsible Manager

Suzanne Kennedy
Chief Policy Adviser
Department of Corrections
13 February 2018