Victims Code

The Victims Code sets out how victims of crime can expect to be treated by government agencies and organisations that provide services to victims.

By developing and implementing the Victims Code, the Government aims to improve victim confidence in and engagement with the criminal justice system.


The Code lays out eight principles that guide the way providers should treat you and your family/whanau when you have been affected by a crime. The Code applies to all service providers that have interactions with victims of crime.


The Code makes the criminal justice system easier to understand for victims of crime by clearly explaining what victims can expect from the services provided at each stage of the criminal justice process. It brings together eleven rights that explain how victims of crime can participate in criminal and youth justice processes and be kept informed.


Having transparent complaint processes is key to making agencies more accountable for the way they provide services to victims of crime. Government agencies that work closely with victims are required to respond promptly and fairly to all complaints about rights contained in the Code.

For more information

You can read the Victims Code in full at Victim Information website,  or to request a printed copy call the Victims of Crime Information Line on 0800 650 654 or email