RIS: Improving rehabilitation and safety outcomes in prisons

Purpose of document

Decision sought:
Cabinet agreement to final policy decisions for Corrections Amendment Regulations 2023
Advising agencies:
Department of Corrections
Proposing Ministers:
Minister of Corrections
Date finalised:
23 May 2023

Problem definition

This Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) considers a package of options that would amend the Corrections Regulations 2005 (the Regulations). The options relate to four discrete areas where change is necessary to improve safety and operational outcomes in prisons in alignment with Corrections' Strategic direction Hōkai Rangi, by:

  • increasing access to privacy features and control over lighting in prison cells
  • ensuring the rehabilitation needs and wellbeing of gender diverse people can be considered when determining prison accommodation
  • supporting specialist teams at height by enabling the use of speed cuffs
  • ensuring young and adult prisoners may mix when it is in the best interests of the young prisoner.

Read the complete Regulatory Impact Statement: Improving rehabilitation and safety outcomes in prisons PDF, 9.8 MB.