Public Safety (Public Protection Orders) Bill

The Public Safety (Public Protection Orders) Bill establishes a new civil detention regime with a new court order to be called a Public Protection Order with secure residences located in prison precincts.  

Public safety is jeopardised by a small number of people who reach the end of a finite prison sentence or are subject to the most intensive form of an Extended Supervision Order and pose a very high risk of imminent and serious sexual or violent re-offending. Less restrictive forms of supervision are not adequate for preventing almost certain further offending.

The Bill is a proportionate balance between the State’s legitimate objective of protecting citizens from almost certain serious sexual or violent harm and the right of those on a Public Protection Order to be subject to the least restrictive form of detention to achieve that objective.

A Regulatory Impact Statement was prepared and assessed in accordance with Cabinet requirements. The Regulatory Impact Statement can be found at the following link: