Custodial Practice Manual (CPM)


One of Prison Services critical priorities is 'getting the basics right'. We all accept the need for this priority because it is clear that if we do not get the basics right - this leads to the type of serious service failures which erodes both public and Ministerial confidence in the Department.

'Getting the basics right' for front line staff generally means complying with our core systems and processes, exercising sound judgement, and practicing common decency. For managers, 'getting the basics right' means leading teams - each and every day – to perform in a professional and safe manner.

Prison Services energy and commitment is squarely focused on getting the basics right. We have to constantly consider our own performance and ask ourselves if we are complying with policies and procedures and supporting our team to achieve the PS goals.

As an organisation, PS is subject to ongoing intense scrutiny. Together we will demonstrate by our actions that we are committed to delivering Prison Services of which New Zealand can be proud.

It is very important that we are proud of the job we do, and of the team we are part of, who help us do it.

This Custodial Procedures Manual contains the How to of the “core” duties of corrections officers. The purpose of this manual is to have it as an easy reference for all staff, with the intention that it is used as a parameter to ensure we are consistently performing our basic duties to a high standard.

The PDF of this manual is provided subject to some redactions for security reasons as at 03 Jun 2021.