Prison facts and statistics - June 2022

This page shows statistical information on the:

  • Number of prisoners in each location by custody status
  • Total prison population
  • Breakdowns of the prison population by
    o   Age
    o   Ethnicity
    o   Offence type
    o   Security classification

Number of prisoners in each location by custody status as at 30 June 2022

Prison/Corrections Facility
Remand Prisoners
Sentenced Prisoners
Onsite Population
Offsite Population
Total Population
Population %
Total Male Prisoners2,8474,3567,203877,29094.3%
Auckland Prison 97413510135236.8%
Auckland South Corrections Facility 0771771177210.0%
Christchurch Men's Prison     378385763777010.0%
Hawke's Bay Regional Prison 17629046624686.0%
Invercargill Prison 377511201121.4%
Manawatu Prison 10112923012313.0%
Mount Eden Corrections Facility 853408932191411.8%
Northland Region Corrections Facility 22820943704375.6%
Otago Corrections Facility 13520133643404.4%
Rimutaka Prison   19636055685647.3%
Rolleston Prison     025425402543.3%
Spring Hill Corrections Facility 443263706277339.5%
Tongariro Prison 036336303634.7%
Waikeria Prison 6236242424265.5%
Whanganui Prison 14124138213835.0%
Total Female Prisoners211216427114385.7%
Arohata Prison 524810061061.4%
Auckland Region Women's Corrections Facility12112324452493.2%
Christchurch Women's Prison3845830831.1%
Grand Total

Total prison population

Prison population by age group

Prison population by ethnicity

Prison population by offence type*

* Prisoners may be convicted of offences across multiple categories. This information is based on the most serious offence a prisoner is convicted of.

Security classification of sentenced prisoners