A Safer System

While reducing re-offending is our top-line target, ultimately confidence in the corrections system is underpinned by our ability to improve public safety.

Our justice system must be based upon legislation and policy that supports our aims of protecting the public and reducing re -offending. To this end, we are working toward a safer system  that takes victims into consideration while providing greater opportunities to manage offenders who pose the greatest risk.

This year the Government will introduce a series of legislative changes that enhance the way we manage offenders. These include drug and alcohol reforms that will allow for the testing of people serving community sentences. The introduction of Public Protection Orders, an extension to Extended Supervision Orders and the establishment of a child protection offender register will ensure a greater level of monitoring and management of sex offenders.

As a justice sector, we are united in our efforts to reduce crime and re-offending. The combined efforts of Police, Courts, Corrections, Serious Fraud Office and Crown Law bring together our expertise and experience to create a safe and fair justice system for the people of New Zealand. Across the wider public sector, we will continue to work closely with agencies such as the Ministries of Social Development and Health, and Housing New Zealand to ensure that we support those with the greatest need.

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