Part 1 - Strategic Direction

Purpose and Principles Guiding the Corrections System

Department’s Focus

Environment, Issues and Implications
General Trends in Crime
Demographic Impacts
Sub-types of Offences and Offenders
Corrections Services
Broader Environmental Influences upon Corrections
Improved Service Focus

Approach to Managing Offenders

Measuring Outcomes
Attribution and Accountability
Departmental Contribution
Protecting the Public
Reducing Re-offending
Recidivism Index
Rehabilitation Quotient
Other Linkages
International Benchmarks
Linking Outcomes to Outputs
Alternative Outputs Analysis
Evaluation, Research and Monitoring

Strategy and initiatives
Theme 1: Ensuring Effective Offender Management
Theme 2: Improving Responsiveness to Maori
Theme 3: Contributing to Reducing Re-offending
Theme 4: Enhancing Capability and Capacity

Corrections within the Justice Sector

Risk Management

Output Pricing Review
2005 Funding Decisions
Facilities and Infrastructure
Information Technology
Human Resources Management
Capital Expenditure

Justice Sector
Justice Sector End Outcomes
Justice Sector Intermediate Outcomes

Collaboration with other Agencies