Part 2 - Forecast Financial Statements and Statement of Forecast Service Performance

Statement of Responsibility

Financial Summary

Financial Highlights

Forecast Statement of Financial Performance

Forecast Statement of Movement in Taxpayers’ Funds

Forecast Statement of Financial Position

Forecast Statement of Cash Flows

Forecast Reconciliation of Net Operating Cash Flows

Forecast Details of Physical Assets

Forecast Output Class Operating Statements

Supporting Statements
Statement of Accounting Policies

Statement of Forecast Service Performance
Output Class 1: Information Services
Output Class 2: Community-based Sentences and Orders
Output Class 3: Custody of Remand Inmates
Output Class 4: Escorts and Custodial Supervision
Output Class 5: Custodial Services
Output Class 6: Inmate Employment
Output Class 7: Rehabilitative Programmes and Reintegrative Services
Output Class 8: Services to the New Zealand Parole Board
Output Class 9: Policy Advice and Development
Output Class 10: Service Purchase and Monitoring