Prison facts and statistics - September 2016

This page shows statistical information on the:


Number of prisoners in each prison

Prisoner population by location and status (as at 30 September 2016)

Prison\Corrections FacilityRemand PrisonersSentenced PrisonersPrisoner PopulationPopulation %
Total Male Prisoners2,4636,6639,12693.1%
Auckland Prison 54 561 615 6.3%
Auckland South Corrections Facility  9599599.8%
Christchurch Men's Prison     3365699059.2%
Hawke's Bay Prison 1545216756.9%
Invercargill Prison 501151651.7%
Manawatu Prison 1151682832.9%
Mt Eden Corrections Facility 8301961,02610.5%
Northland Corrections Facility     474054524.6%
Otago Corrections Facility 963694654.7%
Rimutaka Prison   23575098510.1%
Rolleston Prison      2562562.6%
Spring Hill Corrections Facility 2656709359.5%
Tongariro Prison  2982983.0%
Waikeria Prison 1614345956.1%
Whanganui Prison 1203925125.2%
Total Female Prisoners1984746726.9%
Arohata Prison 3159900.9%
Auckland Women's Corrections Facility 1353324674.8%
Christchurch Women's Prison 32831151.2%
Grand Total2,6617,1379,798100.0%

Total Prison Population


Percentage of Prisoners in Different Age Groups


Ethnicity of Prisoners


Percentage of Prisoners According to Most Serious* Offence Type

* Prisoners may be convicted of offences across multiple categories. This information is based on the most serious offence a prisoner is convicted of.

** Other offence type including Administrative, Justice (Miscellaneous), Property Abuses, Property Damage, and others


Security Classification of Sentenced Prisoners