Contents: Part 2 - Strategic Context

Purpose and Principles Guiding the Corrections System

Approach to Managing Offenders

Environment, Issues and Implications

Demographic Trends

Justice Issues and Crime Trends

Particular Challenges for the Justice Sector

Measuring Outcomes

Attribution and Accountability

Linking Outcomes to Outputs

Departmental Contribution

International Benchmarking

Protecting the Public

Reducing Re-offending

Recidivism Index

Rehabilitation Quotient

Alternative Outputs Analysis

Evaluation, Research and Monitoring


Risk Management


Contribution to State Sector Goals

Departmental Structure

Investment in Capability

2006 Funding Decisions

Capital Expenditure

Facilities and Infrastructure

Information Technology


Human Resources Management

Equal Employment Opportunity

Pay and Employment Equity Plan

Reducing Inequalities

Sustainable Development

Collaboration with Other Agencies

Justice Sector Collaboration

Justice Sector Planning Process

Justice Sector Information Strategy

Justice Sector Communications Strategy

Justice Sector Links to Social Sector

The Department’s Collaboration with Other Agencies