Standards of Practice

Standards of practice outline the bottom line for a probation staff member’s work with a case.

The standards are consistent across all sentences, orders and reports to ensure probation practice is focussed on enhancing public safety and achieving best outcomes with offenders. Each standard of practice contributes to at least one of three elements of the Probation purpose.

The standards are not intended to be used in isolation and are integrated with the decisions that are made within the Supported Decision Framework. The quality of practice assessment will complement the standards of practice.

Here is an overview of all the standards of practice: Download Standards of Practice Matrix | PDF 104.4KB

The standards of practice are:

  • Complete a timely induction
  • Schedule contact
  • Establish the address
  • Complete the initial plan
  • Manage conditions
  • Assess risk
  • Identify non-compliance
  • Submit timely reports
  • Meet Victim Notification Requirements