C.02.Res.01 Recommended officer dialogue to intended recipients

Officers ringing intended recipients are to use the following dialogue

"(Formal greeting e.g. kia ora, good afternoon) may I please speak to (intended recipient)"?

Once the intended recipient is confirmed continue

"I am officer (name) calling from (name of prison). I have a prisoner named (name of prisoner) who wants to make calls to your number."

"The period of day that this is likely to happen is (state hours of unlock)."

"Do you currently have either a protection or restraining order against (name of prisoner)?"

  • If the intended recipient advises the prisoner is subject to a Court order, advise them that before they are allowed to have any contact they must provide the prison with a copy of the Court order, this must include conditions that allow contact with the prisoner.
  • If there is no such condition which allows the prisoner to have phone calls, advise the intended recipient that they or their legal representative can contact the Court to discuss options available that will permit future contact. They must provide a copy of the Court order that contains the conditions that allow contact or provide evidence that the Court order has been discharged, before any approval for contact can be reconsidered.
  • If the intended recipient advises there is no Court order continue.

"In the event that you do not wish him / her to contact you by phone, we are obliged to advise him / her you have declined".

"Are you willing to accept his / her calls?"

If the person declines then ask

"Would you like us to indicate any reason, or simply the fact that you have declined?"

End the call here.

If the person accepts the call then say:

"At any time you may request that his / her access to your telephone number be removed from his / her approved telephone list."

"You will be advised automatically when you pick up the telephone that the call is from a prisoner, and you can accept or refuse on a call-by-call basis."

"The prisoner pays for the cost of the call."

"Prisoner calls must not be diverted to any other numbers. Non-compliance may result in the prisoner's telephone access to your number being cancelled."

End the call here.