The purpose of induction is to enable prisoners to be received into the Corrections system in an efficient and effective manner, ensuring that prisoners are aware of their rights and responsibilities; of the prison rules, routines and procedures; and of compliance issues. They also identify prisoners who may be at immediate risk of self-harm or harm to or from others, or who may have immediate needs.

Induction criteria

  1. Induction occurs when a prisoner has been remanded or sentenced to imprisonment, and / or:
    1. is received into a prison whether on custody, remand or following sentence
    2. first arrives at a specialist unit or facility
    3. changes units or facility, or
    4. transfers to another prison
  2. Hours for the reception of prisoners to a prison are between 7.00am and 8.00pm except under an arrangement between the prison director and the Police, a Court Registrar or a security contractor, or in exceptional circumstances.
  3. Prisoners are not received where the prison’s agreed maximum muster level has been reached.