Prisoner finance / activities


  1. Prisoners are to be given the opportunity to positively and constructively use their non-sentence plan time for educational, leisure, sport, recreation, cultural and spiritual activities.
  2. Prisoners are assisted to identify viable opportunities for non-sentence plan activities while taking into account their other management requirements.
  3. Prisoners are encouraged and supported to gain the benefits of participating in non-sentence plan activities.
  4. Prisoners are encouraged to undertake extramural education, at their own cost, and on having addressed offending needs where a lack of education was identified as a factor related to their offending.
  5. Contracted sentence plan programmes, including work, take precedence over non-sentence plan activities.
  6. Designated prison staff are responsible for the development and co-ordination of leisure, sport and recreation activities.
  7. Prisoner committees are encouraged to facilitate non-sentence plan activities.
  8. Adequate facilities, time, and resources are available to meet prisoners' non-sentence plan activity needs.
  9. Strategies are in place to ensure each prisoner's safety when they participate in activities and use equipment associated with that activity.
  10. Each prison or unit has a documented procedure to manage and control the accumulation and disposal of hobby items and leisure, sport and recreation equipment.
  11. Prisoners' property is not used for departmental purposes or work.
  12. Fundraising activities are undertaken in accordance with the approved procedures.
  13. No entertainment videos / DVDs will be screened unless they are programme material being shown in the course of programme delivery.