F.02.Res.01 Hygiene standards



A hygienic environment is provided which promotes the health and well being of prisoners and staff.


  • All staff will ensure that a high standard of unit hygiene is maintained by a system of thorough cell inspections.
  • The results of unit inspections are to be recorded.
  • Each unit is to engage prisoner labour to ensure units are kept clean.
  • Prisoners who refuse to clean their units are to be dealt with in accordance with established disciplinary procedures.
  • Cleaners are to be thoroughly briefed on the standards that are expected of them and given an area of responsibility with written instructions of what needs to be done. If necessary, the area should be cleaned two, three or four times a day if required.
  • Areas are to be inspected daily to ensure that appropriate hygiene standards are maintained.

Key roles and responsibilities


  • Ensure that a monitoring and reporting plan for unit hygiene and sanitation is implemented into the unit procedures.
  • If requested, reports to prison director results of hygiene inspections.


  • Conduct daily inspections of the unit and sign search book when done.
  • Reports monthly to the PCO results of hygiene inspections.
  • Appoints prisoners to unit-cleaning duties.

Unit staff

  • Conduct a hygiene inspection of unit after cleaners have been through unit.
  • Carry out further inspections to ensure that appropriate hygiene standards are maintained.
  • Allocate cleaners specific tasks and provide written instructions so that they understand their area of responsibility and the standard required.
  • Check that tasks are completed to the required standard.
  • Recommend to the SCO suitable prisoners to fill vacant cleaning positions within the unit.



  • Prisoners are provided with encouragement and the means to maintain an acceptable level of hygiene.

Available facilities

  1. Prisoners will be provided with access to a working toilet, and a hot water hand-washing sink with running water. Shower facilities will be available to each prisoner on a daily basis.
  2. Unit staff may compel a prisoner to shower if necessary for hygienic reasons.
  3. Every prisoner must maintain his / her cell and the furniture and fittings tidy and free of dust and dirt.
  4. Outerwear and bedding should be changed and washed as necessary.

Hygiene promotion

  1. The prison is to actively display and make available educational material covering personal hygiene issues and basic dental care.