F.02.Res.04 Disposing of waste

Procedure standard

  • The disposal of waste is undertaken in a way which meets sanitation and hygiene needs, and which fulfils legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • Waste from units is disposed of in a safe and hygienic manner using the containers provided.


  • Waste containers are allocated and supplied to each unit.
  • Waste containers are collected and taken to designated collection point.

Key roles and responsibilities

Unit staff

  • Ensure that waste is disposed of in an appropriate and timely manner in the containers supplied.
  • Ensure that waste containers are emptied and cleaned on a regular basis by the prisoner in charge of waste disposal.
  • Ensure that waste containers are returned to their designated locations within the unit.

Prisoner assigned to waste disposal

  • Responsible for delivering waste containers to designated collection point and returning empty bins to unit when instructed by unit staff.
  • Report any irregularities to unit staff.