I.07.Res.01 Electronic monitoring bail (EM bail)

Electronic Monitoring bail criteria

  1. All prisoners in custody on remand should be advised of their right to apply for EM bail and should be provided with a copy of the I.07.Form.04 EM bail information sheet for applicants.
  2. If a prisoner requests an I.07.Form.05 EM bail application you should provide any assistance they may require to complete the form.
  3. The prisoner must give consent for the Department of Corrections to undertake relevant enquiries in order for us to assess the suitability of their application for electronic monitoring on bail and for consideration of bail conditions.
    Note: If you have any questions around the EM bail process you can contact the Central EM Bail Team located at National Office on 0800 EM BAIL or emteamadmin@corrections.govt.nz.
  4. The I.07.Form.05 EM bail application must then be forwarded to the nearest District Court.
    Note: It is the responsibility of the Court to advise the NZ Police and the Central EM Bail Team the hearing date, and to provide the completed I.07.Form.05 EM bail application.