V.02.Res.08 Kaitiaki visits

V.02.R08.01 Kaitiaki roles and responsibilities

  1. The key responsibilities of Kaitiaki are to teach, mentor, monitor, evaluate and provide advice on the application of tikanga values for the prisoners at approved prisons and to assist with the reintegration of offenders back into the community.
  2. Kaitiaki Advisory Board and Kaitiaki Representatives may visit a prison for the following reasons.
    1. to advise prisoners about whakapapa and tikanga
    2. to assist prisoners to establish contacts with iwi / hapū / whānau
    3. to provide prisoners with news and information about iwi / hapū / whānau
    4. to advise and assist prisoners with iwi / hapū / whānau, relationship, and business issues
    5. to assist prisoners with personal and family matters
    6. to provide spiritual / religious support and guidance for prisoners
    7. to assist prisoners with reintegrative arrangements through their iwi / hapū / whānau
    8. to participate in religious or spiritual services or activities as invited by either an prisoner or the prison director.
  3. Prisoners may request a visit from the Kaitiaki Advisory Board or Kaitiaki Representatives

V.02.R08.02 Kaitiaki nomination / visits procedures

  1. Each nominee must complete a local individual Kaitiaki Representative approval form. One form is required for each person named on the list of nominees.
  2. Background checks will be conducted on all nominees. Nominees should not have active gang affiliations or prior criminal convictions.
  3. If a nominee is found to have prior criminal convictions or gang affiliations, the prison director will determine on a case by case basis whether to approve or reject the nomination. If a nominee’s application is rejected, notice of the rejection will be sent only to the nominee.
  4. The Kaitiaki Advisory Board will be informed of the approved nominees only. New names may be proposed to fill gaps up to the total number permitted.
  5. Kaitiaki Advisory Board members and Kaitiaki Representatives are pre-approved visitors to a prison. Once approved, they are not required to undergo the approval process for subsequent visits

V.02.R08.03 Kaitiaki general provisions

  1. All daily behaviours on site are governed by Prisons standard operating procedures and are guided by a number of protocols including tikanga Māori and the site operating philosophy of the Kaitiaki Advisory Board:
  2. The local Hapu Development Committee may nominate a total of seven (7) members to the Kaitiaki Advisory Board and approved by the National Commissioner following the local procedure.
  3. Kaitiaki Representatives are members nominated by the Kaitiaki Advisory Board and approved by the prison director following the local described procedure for Kaitiaki approval.
  4. Feedback, issues or complaints from the Kaitiaki Advisory Board are managed using the local Kaitiaki feedback form. The prison director is responsible for ensuring issues are resolved at the local level whenever possible.