W.01.01.02 Observation Frequency

  1. When custodial staff have grounds to suspect a prisoner of internally concealing an unauthorised item, the prisoner must be kept under constant physical observation by custodial staff, until the health centre manager has assessed the prisoner and the prisoner is segregated and an observation frequency recommended by the health centre manager.
    Watch Point

    The prisoner should also be under camera observation, but cameras do not replace the requirement for physical observations.

  2. When / if the health centre manager recommends to the prison director that the prisoner be segregated under section 60 (1) (a) Segregation for the purpose of medical oversight, they must also recommend, to the prison director, the observation frequencies that must be applied and reflected in the W.01.01.Form.03 Internal Concealment Care Plan for both health and custodial staff.
  3. The frequency of observations can be constant, or at specified intervals.
  4. Observations by custodial staff must be recorded in the form M.05.03.Form.01 Observations.
  5. While the prisoner remains segregated under 60 (1), their well-being needs can change and the frequency of observations must be reviewed to reflect any changes. This may mean the health centre manager will recommend the observation frequency increases, decreases or stays the same while the prisoner is subject to a segregation direction under 60 (1).
    Watch Point

    If at any time during the observation of the prisoner, corrections staff have concerns that the prisoner’s health is deteriorating they must immediately contact the health centre manager / on call nurse and request a health professional attend the prisoner immediately.