W.01.01.05 Revocation of segregation direction

  1. The prison director can only revoke the direction for segregation under section 60 of the Corrections Act 2004 on the advice of the health centre manager.
  2. The health centre manager considers a range of factors in deciding whether to recommend that a direction for segregation be revoked, including (but not limited to):
    1. Whether the item suspected of being internally concealed has been retrieved.
    2. Whether sufficient time has passed to indicate that the prisoner is not internally concealing an item(s).
    3. Whether the health centre manager has been advised of further intelligence or other information that satisfies them that the prisoner is not internally concealing an item.
    4. Whether there is information to suggest the concealed item does not present a risk to the prisoner’s well-being.

    The health centre manager is responsible for advising the prison director in writing if they believe there is no longer any justification for the prisoner to be held in segregation and/or the medical officer or nurse practitioner has advised the health centre manager there is no longer a justification to hold the prisoner in segregation.

    The health centre manager is responsible for documenting all the assessments, decisions and any other information relating to the care of the prisoner in the prisoner’s electronic health record.

    Watch Point

    Where the health centre manager has recommended that the section 60 segregation direction be revoked and the prison director believes there is a security or good order risk, a direction may be given that the prisoner is segregated under section 58 – Segregation for purpose of security, good order, or safety. See POM M.07 Segregation of prisoners.

    Where this occurs, the prisoner is not to remain in the dry cell and must be relocated to an appropriate cell.