W.05.01 Prisoner participation in PE / PA

  1. Prisoners wanting to participate in Physical education (PE) / Physical activities (PA) must complete a PE / PA assessment and induction with a Physical Education Officer (PEO) prior to engaging in PE / PA. This is to ensure the prisoner can safely participate in physical education activities.

    A prisoners PE / PA assessment and induction will be completed by a qualified PEO within 3 weeks of initial reception.

    The PEO will seek corrections health staff input and medical clearance where there are risk factors present regarding a prisoner’s ability to safely participate in PE / PA activities.

    Medical clearance (or remedial programme where required) must be received before a prisoner can participate in PE / PA.

  2. The PEO will advise the unit PCO of the prisoner’s ability to participate in PE / PA programme or unit based physical recreation activities.
  3. The PEO will enter a prisoner file note in IOMS:
    1. to record where a PE / PA assessment and Induction has been completed for a prisoner and the outcome of that assessment
    2. to record any engagements post induction regarding a prisoner’s fitness requirements, participation and advice given.
  4. PEO’s will also record prisoner incidents or accidents on the relevant appropriate system (IOMS, CARE, H&S Tracker) and ensure the relevant unit staff are informed.
  5. A prisoner’s participation in PE / PA is dependent on prior and continued good behaviour and may be suspended by either PEO’s or unit management.

W.05.01.01 Supervision of PE / PA

  1. All PE / PA will be supervised by appropriately qualified staff, who will ensure staff / prisoner ratios are maintained at safe levels in accordance with applicable policy / procedures at all times.
  2. All PE / PA sessions in the gymnasium, unit exercise area or on a sports field must be supervised by at least one PEO.
  3. Corrections officers holding the ‘Corrections Initial PE qualification’ or who are working toward ‘an appropriate industry qualification’, can liaise with PEO staff to organise and supervise approved physical activity in the unit’s exercise yard or compound.
    Watch Point

    Combat training or any form of aggressive training, such as sparring, shadow boxing, or "impact conditioning", ARE NOT ALLOWED at any time in any location of the prison.

    Contact sports of any type ARE NOT ALLOWED unless they are part of an official sports academy programme, supervised by a PEO.

  4. Where a single PEO delivers PE / PA activity in a unit, a unit officer will be assigned to assist with supervision as required.
  5. All staff supervising PE / PA must be fully prepared to engage with prisoners participating in PE / PA programme or activity.

    Unit staff will assist to organise prisoners scheduled to attend PE / PA, so they are ready for collection by the PEO at the scheduled time.

    PEO’s will collect prisoners approved to participate in PE / PA at scheduled times and complete the required prisoner search when exiting the unit.

    PEO’s will return prisoners to their unit on conclusion of the PE / PA session. Unit staff will complete the required prisoner search on entry to unit.

    Watch Point

    PEO’s will wear SRBA when moving prisoners around the site to and from a PE / PA session.

    The recommended maximum number of prisoners taking part in a PE / PA session in a gymnasium is 15.

W.05.01.02 PE / PA requirements – prisoner

  1. Prisoners who have been inducted and approved to participate in PE / PA must always wear during a PE / PA session:
    1. appropriate footwear (no jandals, sandals or slides)
    2. T-shirt or tank top / singlet
    3. shorts / track suit pants.
  2. Prisoners are not permitted to wear hats or sunglasses during PE / PA sessions held in a gymnasium.
  3. Approved drink bottles are allowed but are not allowed onto the gymnasium floor.

    Unit staff and PEO’s will work together to ensure prisoners attending PE / PA are encouraged to maintain good personal hygiene and adhere to the clothing and footwear requirements.

    PEO’s will check these requirements are met before allowing an approved prisoner to attend a PE / PA session.

  4. A prisoner’s participation in PE / PA is dependent on prior and continued good behaviour and may be suspended by either PEO’s or unit management.

W.05.01.03 PE / PA requirements - facilities

  1. All facilities (gymnasiums and other areas) used for PE / PA should have where possible:
    1. suitable flooring, lighting and ventilation
    2. access for disabled people
    3. toilet facilities (for both able bodied and disabled people)
    4. access to potable water for drink bottles i.e. drink fountain.
  2. Watch Point

    PEO’s will complete risk assessments for all areas where PE / PA is carried out.

    All facilities used for PE / PA must have standard PE / PA information and warning signs.

    PEO’s will rotate gymnasium and other PE / PA facilities posters and information notices regularly (1 – 2 monthly).

W.05.01.04 PE / PA requirements - equipment

  1. All purchasing of PE / PA equipment (via SRM) will be managed by the PEO’s in consultation with the PRA & PE Senior Adviser.
  2. Only fixed equipment, for example: pull-up bars, dip stations, basketball hoops, are allowed in unit exercise yards.
  3. Functional training machines will only be available to PEO’s when required for PE / PA courses.
  4. Existing resistance machines in units will be phased out and disposed of immediately if they require repair other than cables or pulleys.
  5. Unit staff must liaise with PEO’s regarding purchase of PE / PA equipment for use in unit exercise yards or compounds.
Watch Point Free weights (ie weight bars, weight plates and dumbbells) ARE NOT ALLOWED in any secure area of the prison.

W.05.01.05 Unit Based PE / PA – Health and Safety

  1. All unit’s with PE / PA area and equipment must have suitable systems in place to ensure:
    1. prisoners have been inducted and approved to participate in PE / PA by a PEO
    2. unit PE / PA areas have suitable information and training posters
    3. daily function and safety check of units PE / PA equipment are completed
    4. weekly fabrication check of the units PE / PA facilities is completed
    5. the daily cleaning schedule of the unit PE / PA equipment and facility is completed weekly.
  2. The unit PCO will monitor the above and discuss with unit staff if compliance issues are identified.

Unit staff can consult with PEO’s for guidance and advice regarding Health and Safety requirements of a units PE / PA facility, equipment and PE / PA information posters.

PEO’s can also provide guidance and support to suitably trained unit staff who can supervise planned unit PE / PA activity.