W.05.02 Physical education officer (PEO) requirements

Physical education officers (PEO’s) are frontline support staff who support prison directors to ensure the requirements of the physical education and activity policy are met regarding delivery of a safe and meaningful physical education and physical activity programme.

PEO’s are primarily guided by the detailed requirements set out in the ‘Physical education for prisoners’ manual and associated materials located under ‘Frontline Support Teams/PRA and Fitness’ in Tatou.

W.05.02.01 PEO PE / PA session structure

  1. All Physical education (PE) / Physical activities (PA) sessions supervised by a PEO will have the following structure:
    1. warm up
    2. main theme
    3. cool down
    4. fun game.
  2. PEO’s will complete an equipment checklist before and after every PE / PA session.
  3. All sport related sessions will be managed and refereed in accordance with the sport’s governing body rules.
  4. Where required, dependent on the activity, the PEO will ensure participants wear appropriate protective equipment throughout the session.
  5. PEO’s will ensure equipment is wiped down after use with appropriate cleaning product and must ensure there are enough supplies of paper towels and clearly labelled cleaning product spray bottles available for this purpose.

W.05.02.02 PEO qualification requirements

  1. All PEO’s must have:
    1. completed Corrections Initial PE training course
    2. be working toward an appropriate industry qualification.
  2. All PEO’s must maintain all required custodial certifications.
  3. All PEO’s must complete a minimum of 20 hours CPD over two years to retain their qualification.
  4. PEO’s who facilitate education courses must have completed the qualification to be delivered. They must also have an adult education qualification and be accredited as an assessor for the qualification.

W.05.02.03 PEO administration

  1. All PEO’s must have a suitable system in place to complete the following daily administrative tasks:
    1. electronic daily diary, including handover information
    2. electronic weekly reporting
    3. IOMS file notes (or other required IOMS reporting)
    4. CARE reporting
    5. organising PE / PA assessments and inductions
    6. updating unit staff on PE / PA related matters and prisoner participation.

W.05.02.04 PEO monitoring / checks

  1. All PEO’s must have suitable systems in place to complete and evidence:
    1. daily function and safety check of PE / PA equipment
    2. weekly fabrication check of PE / PA facilities
    3. weekly confirmation of completion of the daily cleaning schedule
    4. completed risk assessments of all PE / PA facilities and areas
    5. completed ‘Safe Systems of Work’ assessments for all PE / PA activity
    6. regular review of risk assessments and safe systems of work assessments (staggered through the year).

W.05.02.05 Auditing of PEO administration / monitoring

  1. The prison director will ensure:
    1. all facilities used for PE / PA are audited every two years
    2. there is a record of implementation of any audit recommendations.
  2. The prisoner director may liaise with the PRA and PE Senior Adviser regarding audit requirements and completion.