Statement of Departmental Expenditure and Capital Expenditure Against Appropriations

2015 Expenditure after remeasurements $000 2016 Expenditure before remeasurements $0002016 Remeasurements $0002016 Expenditure after remeasurements $0002016 Supp. estimates (unaudited) $0002017 Forecast* (unaudited) $000
 Departmental output expenditure     
51,672Information and Administrative Services to the Judiciary and New Zealand Parole Board57,747(75)57,67259,156-
4,340Policy Advice and Ministerial Services MCA3,126 -3,1263,2842,687
3,332> Policy Advice**1,785 - 1,785 1,644 1,646
1,008> Ministerial Services 1,341 - 1,341 1,640 1,041
789,299Prison-based Custodial Services# 883,310(30,217)853,093858,858 -
169,122Rehabilitation and Reintegration 176,704(396)176,308180,300182,187
213,723Sentences and Orders Served in the Community 206,676(289)206,387210,887 -
2,005Contract Management of Services Provided by Third Parties# - - - -
- Public Safety is Improved MCA - - - - 1,167,910
-> Information and Administrative Services to the Judiciary and New Zealand Parole Board - - - - 59,196
-> Prison-based Custodial Services - - - - 899,610
-> Sentences and Orders Served in the Community - - 209,104
1,230,161Total departmental output expenditure1,327,563(30,977)1,296,5861,312,4851,352,784
 Appropriation for capital expenditure     
263,197Corrections – Permanent Legislative Authority246,714 -246,714307,645412,195

Refer to Part B: Statement of Performance for detailed performance against each output class.

Changes in appropriation structure

There were no changes in the Department’s appropriation structure in 2015/16.

* Forecast financial statements have been prepared using Budget Economic Fiscal Update (BEFU) 2016. The 'Information Services to the Judiciary and New Zealand Parole Board', 'Prison-based Custodial Services' and 'Sentences and Orders Served in the Community' appropriations were disestablished and replaced with a Multi-Category Appropriation called 'Public Safety is Improved' for 2017 in order to align the appropriations with the Department's strategic outcomes.

** Policy Advice is part of a Multi-Category Appropriation (MCA), whereby a single appropriation covers more than one output class. As such, the department is permitted to reallocate resources between output classes within an MCA without seeking further parliamentary approval. Despite this output class incurring a net deficit for the year, the MCA was within approved levels.

# From 2016 the Contract Management of Services Provided by Third Parties appropriation has been integrated into the Prison-based Custodial Services appropriation.

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