Statement of Trust Monies

As at 1 July 2015 $000Contribution $000Distribution $000As at 30 June 2016 $000
Trust accounts2,18813,819(14,569)1,438
Total trust accounts2,18813,819(14,569)1,438

Trust Accounts mainly represent funds held in trust on behalf of prisoners, to account for prisoner earnings, reduced by purchases while in prison and other receipts/withdrawals of prisoner funds.

Other trust accounts represent funds held in trust on behalf of the resident subject to an Interim Detention Order, to account for resident earnings and or benefits, reduced by purchases and other receipts/withdrawals of resident funds.

Money held in trust is not included in the Department’s reported bank balances. Trust money is held on behalf of prisoners and residents in the bank accounts maintained by each prison (one bank account per prison) and residence respectively.

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